2017 Annual Meeting Presentations

Presentations at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the

International Occultation and Timing Association

Saturday, September 9, 2017

YouTube Videos should be viewed with the original file open on your computer for reference.

Welcome and Introductions – Roger Venable

Treasurer’s Report – Chad Ellington    YouTube Video

Video Timers Update – Walt Morgan    YouTube Video

Posters We Use at NEAF and Other Venues – Joan Dunham    YouTube Video

Posters File    Floor Poster

Awards Presentations – Steve Preston for Terry Redding    YouTube Video

Chasing the Occultations by 2014 MU69 – Marc Buie    YouTube Video

Current Status of RECON and Future Plans – Marc Buie    YouTube Video

IOTA R-OTE Volunteer Group – Tony George    YouTube Video

PYOTE – A New Analysis Program – Tony George    YouTube Video

The RunCam Night Eagle Camera – Tony George    YouTube Video

Timing in the Optical Domain – Aart Olsen    YouTube Video

Planning for Ninina – Roger Venable    YouTube Video

Using GPS to Ascertain Distance to Centerline – Ted Blank    YouTube Video

A Portable Digital Occultation Kit – Ted Blank    YouTube Video

Two Recent Grazes of Aldebaran – David Dunham    YouTube Video

John Broughton’s Updated Portable Telescope Design – David Dunham    YouTube Video

The Occultation of Regulus by Adorea – David Dunham    YouTube Video

North American Asteroidal Occultation Results – Brad Timerson    YouTube Video

Global Asteroidal Occultation Results – David Herald    YouTube Videos

Volumes and Densities of 40 Asteroids – David Herald    YouTube Video

The Impact of GAIA on our Activities – David Herald    YouTube Video


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Occultation by 22 Kalliope Observations from India – Aniruddha Deshpande    YouTube Video

A New Mobile Application for Timing – Atila Poro and Zeinab Lesani (.MOV file)

Preliminary Review of Ninina Occultation Results – Roger Venable    YouTube Video

IOTA and the August Total Solar Eclipse – David Dunham    YouTube Video

Upcoming Lunar Grazing Occultation Events – David Dunham

Best Asteroidal Occultation Events for Coming Year – Steve Preston    YouTube Video

Assigning Sites for 241 Germania Occultation on Monday night – Roger Venable

Double Star Discovery during Occultation by 834 Burnhamia – Tony George    YouTube Video

Early Test Results and Observations using the QHY 174M-GPS Camera – Steve Conard    YouTube Video

IOTA-US’s Plans for the Triton Occultation on October 5th – Steve Conard    YouTube Video

Review of Uploading Light Curves with Occult – David Herald    YouTube Video