Occultation Data Analysis

Analysis of Occultation Data

This section of the IOTA website presents member-written papers analyzing data from occultation observations.  Most occultation events will not motivate someone to author a paper covering the data analysis for a single occultation event.  However, some events do present special challenges or yield particularly interesting results.  Such events often do warrant one or more papers analyzing the observational data.  In some cases, these papers will be published via scientific journals or other means.  This section of the IOTA website provides an alternative vehicle for IOTA members to publish their analysis of an occultation event.  The papers in this section are organized by year, by the specific occultation event, and chronologically by the date the paper was submitted.

If you are an IOTA member an wish to submit a paper for this section of the IOTA website, please email your paper to publications@occultations.org.   You are requested to submit your paper in PDF format named as “filename – authorname.pdf.”

At this time, we do not have a review process for determining which papers to post here.   We require that the author be a member of IOTA and that they provide their email address in their paper so people may contact them with any questions.   While no editing will be performed on posted papers, authors should strive for a level of quality and professional demeanor similar to that observed in peer-reviewed journals.

Comments are disabled in this section of the website.  If you have questions about a paper posted here, please contact the author directly.

Disclaimer… the opinions and conclusions in these papers are the product of the authors alone (not IOTA).


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