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Contacting IOTA

Send address changes, email address changes, reimbursement requests, special requests, and other IOTA business, but not observation reports, to:

Observers in North America and Hawaii should send articles to the North American coordinator for Journal of Occultation Astronomy (formerly Occultation Newsletter) to:

Send Lunar Grazing Occultation reports to:

  • Dr. Mitsuru Sôma
    V.P. for Grazing Occultation Services
    National Astronomical Observatory
    Osawa-2, Mitaka-shi
    Tokyo 181-8588, Japan

Send interesting stories of lunar grazing occultations to:

Send Total Occultation and copies of Lunar Grazing Occultation reports to:

  • North American lunar occultation observations coordinator
    Kevin Hartnett
    21216 Denit Estates Drive
    Brookeville, MD 20833 USA

Send Asteroidal Appulse and Asteroidal Occultation reports to:

  • North American planetary/asteroidal occultation observations coordinator

John Moore,

Observers are encouraged to use the asteroidal occultation report forms available at

Send observations of occultations that indicate stellar duplicity to:

To contact Board Members or IOTA Officers, ask questions regarding camera or video time inserter purchase, or request information about other aspects of IOTA operations: