2014 IOTA Annual Meeting Presentations Page

2014 IOTA Annual Meeting Presentations Page

Dedicated IOTA YouTube page for all the 2014 IOTA Meeting Presentations



2014 IOTA Business Report  (C. Ellington)

New Asteroid Moon Discovery Award  (P. Maley)    YouTube

IOTA Award Presentations (T. Redding)    YouTube

BrianLoader - 2014 DaBoll Award Recipient

Brian Loader – Recipient of the 2014 Homer DaBoll Award

Possible Events for 2015 IOTA Meeting (S. Preston)

Status of SWRI Funding (P. Maley)    YouTube

Double Stars Discovered by Occultations in 2013  (T. George)    PDF    PPT    YouTube

Release of R-OTE update version 3.8.0 (T. George)    PDF    PPT    YouTube

Tour of University of Maryland’s Observatory_2014  (E. Warner)    YouTube

Occultation Timing Basics  (D. Dunham)    YouTube

Observing and Timing Asteroidal Occultations (D. Dunham)

Basics of Observing and Analyzing Total and Grazing Lunar Occultations  (D. Dunham)    YouTube

High Speed Observing Plans for Regulus-Erigone Event  (B. and D. Holenstein, S. Conard)    YouTube

Planning and Preparation for the Erigone-Regulus Occultation of March, 2014  (T. Blank)    YouTube

Lessons Learned – DSLR Campaign for Erigone Occultation of Regulus (T. George)   PDF    PPT    YouTube

Regulus Video Taping Instructions (Andreas Gada)

Asteroid Occultation Timing at Randolph College  (H. Gillespie)    YouTube

IOTA Booth at North East Astro Forum (NEAF) 2014  (T. Blank)    YouTube

Photometry with a Video Camera (J. Menke)    YouTube   Part 1    Part 2

Occultations – One Perspective on Knowledge Acquisition  (T. Redding)    YouTube

IOTA-VTI Status Report (PDF)          IOTA-VTI Status Report Narrative (Word)  (W. Morgan)

Low-cost Video Camera Adapter for the Orion Go-Scope  (T. Blank)    YouTube

PC165DNR Characteristics and Performance  (T. Swift)    YouTube

IOTA High Speed Cameras (B. and D. Holenstein, S. Conard)    YouTube

ADVS_Update (E. Warner)    YouTube


Recent Developments in Tangra 3 and ADV Format (H. Pavlov)    YouTube

AOTA Update (D. Herald)    YouTube

Worldwide Occultation Results in 2013 (D. Herald)    YouTube

Jupiter Mutual Events IOTA    YouTube video of Mutual Event  (D. Herald)    YouTube

Occultation Light Curves  (T. Mallama)

Review of Claims of a Dense Io Atmosphere (J. Menke)    YouTube

Recent Occultations by Deimos and Ixion (W. Hanna)    YouTube

Narration for Diemos and Ixion

Results of Recent Grazing Occultation Observations (D. Dunham)    YouTube

MultiStation Deployments (D. Dunham)    YouTube

Jovian Extinction Events  (S. Degenhardt)    YouTube

Grazing Occultation Opportunities for late 2014 and 2015 (D. Dunham)    YouTube

Lunar Occultation of Venus – Ashen Light  (D. Dunham)    YouTube

Upcoming Asteroidal Occultations for late 2014 and 2015  (D. Dunham)    YouTube

Occultation of Regulus by Dagmar (D. Dunham)

August 2017 IOTA Eclipse Plans (R. Nugent)    YouTube

Erato Preparations (D. Dunham)