Presentations at the 2021 Annual Meeting

Presentations at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the International Occultation Timing Association

Link to a YouTube Playlist of all presentation videos for both days

Day 1 Saturday, October 17, 2021

YouTube Videos may be viewed with the original file open on your computer for reference.

Welcome and Introductions (video only) – Roger Venable – YouTube Video

Treasurer’s Report – Joan Dunham    YouTube Video

Awards Presentations – Richard Nugent    YouTube Video

Best Upcoming Occultations 2021-2022 – Steve Preston   YouTube Video

A Remote Permanent Observatory – Bill Hanna    YouTube Video

(Video Only) – Hristo Pavlov    YouTube Video

Arecibo Satellite Discovery  – Peter Nosworthy    YouTube Video

Arecibo Satellite Orbit Estimate  – Richard Nolthenius    YouTube Video

Asteroid Satellites and Occultations – David Dunham –    YouTube Video

NEO Occultations and Planetary Defense – David Dunham    YouTube Video

The Best Observed Events of Last Year – Dave Herald    YouTube Video

Evolution of Astrometry from Occultations – Dave Herald    YouTube Video

Day 2 – Sunday, October 18, 2021

An LED Timing Flasher – Aart Olsen –    YouTube Video

“MidWexta” Camera Analyzer – Aart Olsen –    YouTube Video

Baily’s Beads  – Richard Nugent –  YouTube Video

Diffraction in PyOTE – Bob Anderson – YouTube Video

Line Noise Reduction in Videos – Kevin Green – YouTube Video

D&R Timing with Dropped Frames – Kevin Green  –  YouTube Video

Pluto’s Atmosphere from Occultations – Atila Poro – YouTube Video

Overview of IOTA India Activities  – Atharva Parthak –  YouTube Video

Rethinking RASC Handbook Occultation Section – David Dunham – YouTube Video

Occultations from Russia – Filipp Romanov – YouTube Video

Challenges Introducing New Observers – Roxanne Kamin –  YouTube Video

Citizen Science Opportunities – Joan Dunham –    YouTube Video

Occultation Boot Camp Proposal – Joan Dunham –  YouTube Video