2015 Annual Meeting Presentations

Presentations at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the

International Occultation and Timing Association

Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting  Richard Nugent


Welcome   Steve Preston, President IOTA

Introducing IOTA-VTI version 3  Walt Morgan   Introducing_IOTA-VTI V3     YouTube Video

Update on IOTA-VTI  Walt Morgan   IOTA-VTI Status Report

Treasurer’s Report  Chad Ellington   2015 Business Report

Homer DaBoll, David Laird, and Lifetime Achievement Awards  Ted Blank    IOTA Awards    YouTube Video

Occultation Expeditions in Saudi Arabia and India  Paul Maley   INDIA     SAUDI ARABIA       YouTube Video

  INDIA Activities       Southest Research Institute High Priority Events 2016      YouTube Video

Spectra from an Occultation of Io by Europa  Steve Conard   Spectral Observation     YouTube Video

A Year of Astro-Tourism Down Under  David Dunham    A Year Downunder     YouTube Video

Previous Night Prepointing with Paver Mounts  David Dunham    Paver Mounts     YouTube Video

Planning for Oenone Occultation  Steve Preston


An Old (2002) Observation of Baily’s Beads  Roger Venable   PDF    Eclipse Video 37 sec     YouTube Video

Recent EMCCD Camera Occultation Results  Steve Conard   EMCCD Testing   Video     YouTube Video

Analog Video Capture with PCs  Steve Preston   Analog Video Capture     YouTube Video

Update on ADVS at Univ. of Maryland  Elizabeth Warner   ADVS-at-IOTA     YouTube Video

Introduction to Prepointing  Ted Blank    Intro to Pre-Pointing     YouTube Video

Making and Using Prepoint Charts  Ted Blank    Making And Using Pre-Point Charts     YouTube Video

Review of Last Night’s Occcultation by Oenone  Steve Preston  CLOUDED OUT in LAS VEGAS AREA

Using AviSynth  Ernie Iverson    Avisynth Scripts    Video     YouTube Video

The Use of Video Recordings to Measure Double Stars  Richard Nugent   New Video Method to Measure Double Stars     YouTube Video

Video 1     Video 2    Video 3

Archiving Occultation Light Curves in Occult  Dave Herald   Archiving Occultation Light Curves     YouTube Video

The Discovery of Radio Source 3C273  Dave Herald   3C273 Discovery     YouTube Video

Asteroidal Occultations: Profiles, Models, Discoveries   Dave Herald   Occultations      YouTube Video

Report on the 29th General Assembly of the IAU  David Dunham    IAU 29th General Assembly     YouTube Video

Sizes, Shapes, and Satellites of Asteroids from Occultations    PDF   PPT

Plans for 2017 Solar Eclipse    Solar Diameter Measurement     Close Double Stars from Video


Occultation Work w/SOFIA and Univ. of Stuttgart’s 60 cm Telescope  Karsten Schindler   Schindler IOTA Meeting     YouTube Video

Videos shown during Presentation (except Asteroidal Occultation Shadow video, not available by request)

Schindler_01     Schindler_02     Schindler_03     Schindler_05     Schindler_06

Best Observed North American Asteroidal Occultations of Past Year  Brad Timerson    Summary of 2015     YouTube Video

How Well Do Inversion Models Fit Historical Occultations?  Brad Timerson   History of Inversion Models     YouTube Video

An iPhone App Proposal for Occultations  Tom Case     IPhone Occultation App

Best Asteroidal Occultations in late 2015, 2016  Steve Preston    Priority Events     YouTube Video

Upcoming Total and Grazing Lunar Occultations (esp. Aldebaran)  David Dunham  Future Grazes     YouTube Video

Comparison between KIWI and IOTA VTI  Terry Redding  IOTA-VTI Comparison     YouTube Video