September 11-14, 2008

Luz Observatory

Lewis Center for Educational Research

20702 Thunderbird Rd., Apple Valley, CA  92307-3322

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IOTA’s 26th Annual Meeting featured the Year’s Best Asteroidal Occultation – (9) Metis

Occultation by (58) Concordia also observed

Check out the latest Results on the 2008 Results Page

Richard Nolthenius’ 2008 IOTA Meeting Page


(Picture © Richard Nolthenius)

Front Row (l to r): Richard Nolthenius (CA), Roc Fleishman (MX), Steve Preston (WA), Richard Nugent (TX), Walt Morgan (CA), Karen Young (CA)

Standing (l to r):  Scott Degenhardt (TN), Gene Lucas (AZ), Sandy Bumgarner (CA), Earl Wilson (CA), David Dunham (MD), Chuck Herold (TX), Derek Breit (CA),

Greg Lyzenga (CA), Mark Vincent (CA), Dan Falla (CA), Mike Collins (CA), Kerry Coughlin (MX)

Absent for picture:  Richard Bean (CA), Bob Buckheim (CA), Terrence Redding (FL), Hank Sielski (CA), Gary Witt (CA)

Virtual attendees via EVO internet video conference:

Chad Ellington (WA), Bob Anderson and Tony George (OR), John Grismore (OK), Steve Messner (MN), Brad Timerson (NY), Randy Peterson (AZ), Steve Conrad (MD),

Bob Sandy, (MO), Luis Martinez (AZ), Ken Coles (PA), Dave Gault and Dave Herald (Australia), Pawel Maksym (Poland), Gerhard Dangl (Austria), Jan Manek (Czech Republic)

David Dunham is holding the Homer DaBoll award, this year presented to Edwin Goffin. 

In front is one of David’s 80mm Orion “Shorties”, painted black for stealth, and used by Steve Preston

to record the occultation by Concordia (star magnitude 11.0).

Minutes of the 2008 IOTA Annual Meeting

by Richard Nugent


Homer F. Daboll Annual Award for 2008

presentation by Robert Buchheim

(PDF file – 130kb)


IOTA Manual Update by Richard Nugent

(PowerPoint Presentation – 1.2 Mb file)


Reporting Elevation from KIWI OSD by Walt Morgan

An Excel Spreadsheet that Calculates Mean Sea Level (MSL) and WGS84 Ellipsoid from the KIWI OSD output

(23kb Excel File)


An Excel Report Form for Lunar Occultation Observations by Brad Timerson and John Talbot

(PowerPoint presentation – 400kb file)


GPS Camera Synchronization Analysis by Richard Nugent

(PowerPoint Presentation – 900 kb file)




OccuLAR 3.14 – The Latest Version of OccuLAR by Tony George and Bob Anderson

(PowerPoint Presentation – 1.37 Mb file)


Multiple Remote Stations for Observing Occultations by Scotty Degenhardt

(PowerPoint Presentation – 3.3 Mb file)


Noise Reduction Analysis using ImageJ and DDRA by Scotty Degenhardt

(PowerPoint Presentation – 1.95 Mb file)

ImageJ Homepage with Documentation and Download options


GPS and WWV Time Insertion Comparison by Richard Nugent

(PowerPoint Presentation – 434 kb file)


Accuracy of Path Statistics by Steve Preston

(PowerPoint Presentation – 810kb file)


Occultations during the Rest of 2008 by David Dunham

(PowerPoint Presentation – 1.66 Mb file)


Important Occultation Events in 2009 by David Dunham

(PowerPoint Presentation – 984kb file)


Bright Star/Planetary Grazes for 2009 by David Dunham

(Word file – 58kb)



Video Camera Sensitivity Report – Revision A by Walt Morgan

(PDF file – 705 kb)



PowerPoint Viewer 2007 Download

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