2016 Annual Meeting Presentations

Presentations at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the

International Occultation and Timing Association



Aldebaran Graze Briefing – David Dunham, All


Welcome – Roger Venable

Preliminary Review of Aldebaran Graze – Roger Venable

Treasurer’s Report – Chad Ellington

Awards Presentation – Ted Blank

YouTube video of Election Report and Award Presentation

Election of Officers Results – Richard Nugent

IOTA VTI Update and Sales Report – Ted Blank

IOTA VTI Update YouTube Video

Remembering Sandy Bumgarner – Roger Venable

Eulogy YouTube Video

Early Data from an ONAG System – Steve Conard

ONAG YouTube Video

Comparison of DVR Systems – Steve Conard

DVR YouTube Video

A New SEXTA System – Steve Conard

No YouTube video for SEXTA System

All of  Steve’s Presentations (combined)

IOTA-ME Experiences and Goals – Atilla Poro  (YouTube video)

ArtStar:  A New Testing System – Bob Anderson

ArtStar YouTube Video

Presenter Notes (PDF)

PC165DNR Camera Test and Results – Ted Swift  (cancelled)

Autonomous Mobile Observing Stations – Bill Hanna

Autonomous Stations YouTube Video

A 13th Magnitude Occultation Close to Full Moon – Paul Maley

13th Magnitude YouTube Video

An Unusual Occultation -Or was it a Graze? – Richard Nugent

Unusual Occultation YouTube Video


GAIA: Its Impact on Asteroidal Occultations – Dave Herald

GAIA YouTube Video

Reporting Light Curves Using Occult – Dave Herald

Reporting Light Curves YouTube Video

Global Overview of Asteroidal and Lunar Occultations – Dave Herald

Global Overview YouTube Video

Best Observed North American Asteroidal Events – Brad Timerson

North American Events YouTube Video

Best Observed Lunar Grazing Occultations – David Dunham

Best Grazes YouTube Video

Using Last-Minute Weather Forecasts for Mobile Positioning – David Dunham

Last Minute Weather YouTube Videos

Previous Night Prepointing – David Dunham

Prepointing YouTube Video

A Comparison of 3 Video Time Inserters – Ted Blank

VTI Comparison YouTube Video

Correlated Noise as a Factor in Error Estimates of Timings – Bob Anderson

Presenter Notes (PDF)

Correlated Noise YouTube Video

Update on R-OTE v4.5.1 – Tony George

R-OTE Update YouTube Video

Using Star Catalog Comparisons with Thoughts on GAIA Data – Steve Preston

Star Catalog Comparisons YouTube Video

Best Asteroidal Occultations of the Coming Year – Steve Preston

Four Bright Asteroidal Occultations within the Month – David Dunham

Four Bright Occultations YouTube Video

October 14th Occultation by Adorea in the Caroline Islands – David Dunham

Occultation by Adorea YouTube Video

Best Grazing Occultations of the Coming Year – David Dunham

Best Grazes YouTube Video

Continuing IOTA International Outreach – Paul Maley

Most Scientifically Useful Occultation Events in late 2016-2017  – Paul Maley

Plans for a 2016 Eclipse – Roger Venable

Plans for Eclipse YouTube Video

Occultations by (216) Kleopatra – David Dunham

Occultations by Kleopatra YouTube Video

A Half-Year Downunder, Recorder Timing Tests, NACAA, and TTSOO – David Dunham

Half-Year Downunder YouTube Video

Results from the 2105 October 8th Occultation of Venus – David Dunham

Results of Venus Occultation YouTube Video


Asteroid Mean Diameters, Recent Controversy and Role of Occultations – Dave Herald

Asteroid Diameters YouTube Video

A Graze with a Record-Breaking Number of Events Recorded – Dave Herald

Record Breaking YouTube Video

YouTube Video of this Graze

Graze Profile for this event

The 2017 Solar Eclipse: IOTA Effort, Outreach, and Sites – David Dunham

2017 Solar Eclipse YouTube Video

Occultation Observation with the IOTA Video Recorder – Joan Dunham

IOTA Video Recorder YouTube Video