Analog Video Recorders

Recommended Analog Video Recorders

Five years ago most observers were recording occultation videos with DV camcoders (or occasionally regular VCRs).  The Canon ZR camcorders were particularly popular and many Sony camcorders worked as well.  After recording a video on the camcorder we transferred the video to computer via a FireWire connection.  However, today, no manufacturer sells a camcorder that records analog video and fewer new computers include FireWire ports.  If you happen to have a DV camcorder which has an analog video input (RCA jack) and you can pull together a computer with a FireWire port, that is a reasonable option for recording videos.  However, most new observers should plan on recording analog video with a PC and analog video capture device.  Most current generation Windows PCs are capable of recording high quality videos.  We have posted a basic guide for recording video with a PC.  If you have additional questions beyond the contents of the guide, please post questions to the IOTA discussion group.

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