Analog Video Cameras

Recommended Analog Video Cameras:

IOTA observers have used a variety of analog video cameras over the last fifteen years.  Many are still in use today but only a few models are still available for sale.  If you already have a video camera and aren’t sure if it is suitable for recording occultations, post a question to the IOTA Occultations discussion group (or just try the camera).  If you are looking for a new camera for occultations, here is a list of the currently available analog video cameras which we can recommend:

  • RunCam NightEagle 3″  (click on link at left for ordering information)
    • This is a new inexpensive but sensitive camera.
  • Watec 902H2 Ultimate-IOTA ($310)
    • 1/2″ b/w sensor
    • auto or manual exposure, manual gain, manual gamma
    • user manual for the 902H2
    • order from Darlene at ( Darlene Theriault <> ).
  • Watec 910HX – IOTA ($592)
    • 1/2″ b/w sensor
    • manual exposure, gain, and gamma selection via on-screen display and buttons on the camera
    • significantly more sensitive that the 902H2 and longer exposures greatly increase the magnitude reach (with lower time resolution).
    • order from Darlene at
  • Watec 910HX/RC-IOTA ($610)
    • same as the 910HX but adds a small control paddle which assists navigation of the on-screen display menus.
    • order from Darlene at
  • Watech 910BD / TACOS-BD system
    • Similar capability to the other 910 systems but the 910BD is just a board and no housing.
    • The TACOS-BD implementation adds a housing plus it adds USB interface for controlling the camera exposure with a computer.
    • For more information on the pricing and ordering the 910BD/TACOS-BD see Dave Gault’s page here.
  • Mallincam 828

Note: The Watec cameras generally ship with a non-linear response curve that becomes noticeable at high intensities.  This non-linear response curve is not a problem for most occultation observations.  But you can “special order” any of these cameras with a linear response curve.  The cost is an additional $125 for a new camera.  And there are options for retrofitting an existing camera.  If you have more questions, we suggest that you post a question to the IOTA discussion group to learn more about the aspect of the cameras.

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