Major Planet Occultation Predictions

Each year IOTA provides predictions for the circumstances of stellar occultations by the major planets and their satellites. David Dunham, using David Herald’s Occult program, has generated a listing of all the major planets and their satellites which occult stars in 2022.

Observers can compute the circumstances of these occultations for their locations with the occelmnt file, Planets2022.xml, retrievable here with the Occult program.

Using the Occult program is explained here. In that explanation, there is reference to a file All2022.xml, a more comprehensive file that also includes occultations by asteroids as well as by the major planets.  For predictions of just the major planets and their satellites, use the file Planets2022.xml instead of All2022.xml.

Additional information about occultations by major planets and their satellites, mainly for North America, is in the RASC Observer’s Handbook 2022 and available here.  

2022 Events with Major Planets / Moons

Paths of the 5 major planetary/satellite events in 2022 are illustrated in the following graphics: