2022 IOTA Annual Meeting

IOTA’s 2022 Annual Meeting was held via Zoom on Aug 13 and 14, 2022.

Link to YouTube Playlist of video recordings of all presentations

Links to individual presentation files (PPT or PDF)

Results of Recent Occultation by Titan – Phil Stuart

Some of the Most Interesting Occultations of the Past Year – John Moore

Discovering a Moon of Polymele – Tony George

Overview of IOTA Work and that of the Review Team – John Moore

Controlling Heat Buildup in the Night Eagle Cameras – Ted Blank

A Proposed New Method for Extracting Timings from Low SNR Events – Richard Nolthenius

PYOTE Single-Point-Event Detectability Function – Tony George

Double Star Processing Using the Occult Software – Dave Herald

Near Earth Asteroid Observation Principles – Roger Venable

The Appearance of Light Curves of NEA Events – Roger Venable

Best North American Asteroid Events of 2023 – Steve Preston

NEA Trojan Special Main Belt Events of Coming Year – David Dunham

Occultations by Didymos Coming Up in 2023 – David Dunham

Reflections on Issues Regarding our Observations – Herald and Gault

Introduction to the Use of Shape Models – Dave Herald

Preparing Windows Computers for Occultation Recording – Joan Dunham