Software for Occultation Observations and Data Reduction:

Occult (free)

Occult is our primary software program for predicting the circumstances of many types of astronomic occultations.  Occult will predict the circumstances of lunar occultations (total and grazing), asteroid occultations, occultations of planetary moons, and more.  Download Occult

OccultWatcher (free)

OccultWatcher is one of the primary tools for IOTA observers interested in asteroid occultations.  OccultWatcher filters the global list of asteroid occultation predictions to show the events passing near your site or region.  In addition observers can declare their planned location for observing an event.  This is our main tool for coordinating multiple observers for an event.  OccultWatcher website

IOTA_VideoCapture (free)

A simple program for capturing video with a windows PC (and an analog video capture device).  To install IOTA_VideoCapture, download the following zip file which contains the manual and install files: IOTA_VideoCapture (version 2.1).  There is also a companion application for viewing the videos: IOTA_VideoPlayback (version 1) . For more information on capturing occultation videos with a Windows PC, see this guide.

OccuRec (free)

A full featured program for capturing occultation video in Windows.  More information here.

Additional Occultation related Software

More tools for analzying occultation observations may be found at this website.