2023 Occultations by Main Belt Asteroids - Updated 2023 January 6

These occultations are described and illustrated (in maps and tables) 
in this .pdf document. It includes several hot links to external Web 
pages, but links to internal files, the .xml input files 
used by the Occult program, are given below. When you open these files 
with your Web browser, you should get a display that looks like this.
The larger files may take a couple of minutes to show this appearance, 
showing a messed-up display before then. Once the proper view appears, 
right-click anywhere on the display, then "Save as" to a directory
on your computer; the best directory is the \Asteroid\ subdirectory 
in your Occult\ directory.

For 2023:
25 North American main belt events to mag. 9.0, in the Handbook and the .pdf file.
152 North American main belt events to mag. 11.0
453 North American main belt events from Steve Preston
Worldwide major planet and satellites events from Dave Herald
Worldwide main belt events from Steve Preston
 - for them, prediction maps and data are available at https://www.asteroidoccultation.com/.
But note that Preston updates and adds many events every two weeks, so they are comprehensive
only for the next two months. Occult Watcher, described in the .pdf document, is 
the best way to find out about updated upcoming events near your location.

Pages for maps and predictions of occultations by special classes of 
asteroids can be reached by clicking on the links below:

Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs)
Major Planets and their satellites

These other pages below will be posted soon, probably on Jan. 6, but the distant objects 
will likely not be until February.

Selected Special Main-Belt Asteroids
Trojan Asteroids (Lucy targets are emphasized) 
Distant objects (Comet SW1, Centaurs, and TNOs)

David and Joan Dunham, 2023 January 4; updated Jan. 6
e-mail:  dunham@starpower.net
cell phone:  301-526-5590