November 20-22 , 2009


updated Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Minutes and Photos from the Annual Meeting - Secretary Richard Nugent



Presentations from the 2009 IOTA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL


Review and Update on Lunar Occultations

Dave Herald

(89 kb PowerPoint)


Restoring Early Grazes:  An International Cooperative Effort

Dave Gault and Ken Coles

(2.7 Mb PowerPoint)


How Astronomers Learn

Terrence Redding

(2.4 Mb PowerPoint)


IOTA Obituaries 2009

David Dunham

(2.7 Mb PowerPoint)


The Relevance of Asteroid Occultation Measurements

David Dunham

(3.9 Mb PowerPoint)


Prediction Maps for Selected Asteroid Occultations 2009 and 2010

David Dunham

Remainder of 2009        2010

(500 kb ZIP files - download and extract to your computer)


Accurate Timing with USB Video Cameras

Frank Freestar8n

(715 kb PowerPoint)


Multi-Station Cooperative Asteroid Occultation Science with the Southwest Research Institute

Paul Maley

(600 kb PowerPoint)


Astraea Occultation Attempt in Bosnia and Hercegovina - June 6, 2008

Paul Maley

(5.5 Mb PowerPoint)


2010 Eclipse Plans

Paul Maley

(3.4 Mb PowerPoint)


Occultation Expedition - (148) Gallia and HIP 43813

Paul Maley

(800 kb PowerPoint)


2009 Tax Benefits Guidelines

Paul Maley

(870 kb PowerPoint)


Calibrating a Video:  Should I?

Roger Venable

(450 kb Word file)


Calibrating a Video:  Explanatory Notes on the Procedure

Roger Venable

(500 kb Word file)


Calibrating a Video:  A Procedure

Roger Venable

(11 kb Text file)


Broadcasting Occultations on the Internet

Scotty Degenhardt

(4.4 Mb PowerPoint)


Multi-Station Reduction Techniques

Scotty Degenhardt

(4 Mb PowerPoint)