Optics Accessories

Recommended Optics Accessories

M12 to C Adapter

The RunCam cameras need this adapter to mate into the standard C to 1.25″ adapter configuration.  This adapter is available for $8.99 from http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111696334929?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true .  These items are shipped directly from China and may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

“C” Mount Spacer Rings

These Camera C-mount lens spacer rings are helpful in maintain the optimal spacing between the camera’s sensor and the telescope/lens assembly.   Here is an Amazon link for one seller where you can order a set of 5 rings.

C to 1 1/4″ Adapter

Most video cameras interface to the optics/lens via female threaded “C” socket on the camera housing.  You will need a C to 1 1/4″ adapter to connect the camera to the eyepiece holder of your scope (and most cameras do not include this adapter).  We recommend that you use a short version of this adapter to allow for adding an optional focal reducer and possibly one or more 5mm “C” spacer rings.  We currently recommend that you order the 10mm long adapter from Hunter Wu (hunterwzh@hotmail.com ) via Ebay item #222374198200 .  You should also order a set of 5mm “C” spacer rings and include two of these spacer rings between the camera mount and the focal reducer (see the spacer ring section below).

Focal Reducer

Adding a focal reducer is not required but is almost always a good idea.  The focal reducer decreases the focal length of your scope and this provides two benefits.  The shorter focal length means a wider field of view with a given camera.  The wider field of view makes it easier to locate stars.  And the wider field of view increases the time required for a star to drift across the field of view when using the pre-point technique.  In addition, the reduced focal length almost always increases the sensitivity of your camera – sometimes enabling you to record stars a full magnitude fainter.  In past years Meade offered an f/3.3 focal reducer for SCT models.  However, they no longer sell this focal reducer.  At this time we recommend that you buy a 1 1/4″ 0.5x focal reducer.  At this time, the best source is Hunter (hunterwzh@hotmail.com ) via Ebay item#221987143219 : eBay ($25).  There are a variety of similar focal reducers available online (via Amazon and other sources) but many don’t work as will as this model from Hunter.  Note: some of these focal reducers from Hunter have occasionally arrived with the lens in the wrong orientation.  The CONVEX end of the lens should point toward the stars.  If you need to switch the orientation, it is easy to unscrew the retaining ring with a toothpick.  For additional help, post a question to the Yahoo group.

1.25″ Empty Spacer Ring

If you need an empty 1.25″ spacer ring to allow your focuser setscrews or compression ring to properly grip your camera assembly, an example can be found here on eBay.

PVC carrier for RunCam or PC164 cameras in 2″ focuser

You may find that your video camera with focal reducer attached will not come to focus in a Newtonian reflector.  This is usually due to not being able to get enough “in-focus”.  In other words, as you turn the focuser knob and try to move the camera closer to the secondary you hit the limit of inward travel of the focuser.  This do-it-yourself PVC adapter (PPT or PDF formats) will allow you to slide your camera closer to the secondary and allow it to come to focus.

 PVC video camera carrier (PDF version)

PVC video camera carrier  (PPT version)


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