IOTA Occultation Campaigns

Each year IOTA will identify at least two occultation events in North America as special observing campaigns for the year.  One event will be chosen for the potential to generate the most valuable results, and the other event will be chosen as the most “observable”.  We encourage IOTA observers to put these events on their calendar.  Given the high priority for these events, we expect some observers will travel to observe these events. Prior to each event, someone in IOTA will post messages to the Yahoo group informing everyone of the weather prospects and possible preferred locations for observers.

2018 Aug 15, 5:32 UT: Pluto Occults mag 12.9 star

This occultation by Pluto is the North American science event for 2018.  We will use the path prediction from Lucky Star as our guideline:  The path is expected to cross North America and Central America at about 5:32 UT with a maximum duration of about 126 seconds.  Someone will post more observational guidelines to the Yahoo group prior to the event.

2018 Sep 16, 08:54 UT: (80) Sappho occults mag 7.2 star

This occultation by (80) Sappho is the North American “most observable” event for 2018.  More details can be found at  and via OccultWatcher once the event appears there.